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Hip Plan

HIP Plan

A HIP Plan defines the stage of life of the project development and captures your choices of benefits to the buyer. The completion of this section is the most important step to properly launch your HIP. Our staff reviews 100% of the HIP Plans and manages the creation of home sketches, creative writing and audio files to help promote your home in the best light. Want to know what’s in it for you click;
HIP Benefit$$

Build a HIP PLan


The Launch – the presell process would not be complete without a future look and feel of your HIP. Therefore, the launch platform includes a “new” home sketch, an audio (30 second spot) & written description, as well as, a floor plan if you choose. Once all marketing elements are complete we are ready to launch your project. Your HIP will be featured on the HIPhom-Fliphom website. Your HIP will be featured on the HIPhom-Fliphom website, social media (Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram) and other real estate sites.

Ready to take off


It’s time to Promote - HIPHom maintains a constant presence in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linked- In) venues and promotes via on-line advertising. In addition we make available Flyers for each home promoted and a Fixer profile for your use. We provide links so that Fixers can promote to family and friends. Your property listing may also be syndicated to national real estate sites.

Let’s go!


It’s time to sell. HIPHom qualifies each lead to ensure the highest quality and tracks the results to optimize lead generation, follow-up and close. Once a viable candidate is identified HIPHom provides agreements and checklists to assist in readily closing the sale of the HIP.

Sell it!

HIPHom Plans

HIPHom ~Fliphom is the only service that caters to selling flipped homes while they are in process. Our expertise will deliver a more profitable project under contract in a shorter duration. Together we will make it happen.

HIP Plans Let's Go! Pro Virtual
Pricing $299 $599 $899
Pricing $299 $599 $899
Membership Benefits with All Plans:
  • Business Dashboard & HIPHom Content*
  • A Fixer Profile/PDF for Buyers
Listing on HIPHom - FlipHom
Sketch of unfinished home
Written marketing description
Listing and pricing edits
Customer support
Audio Description   Text to Speech   Pro Voice   Pro Voice
Floor plan
High Visibility "For Sale" Yard Sign
Syndication to major home search sites
Brochure Dispenser
Customized PDF brochures
Preferred placement
Up to 4 virtual staged rooms
**MLS Listing
Get Started Get Started Get Started
*Membership required if a HIP is not added
**MLS listing can be added at any time. Go to the Fixer Dashboard and Upgrade HIP Plan.

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